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Entertainer, Pianist, Keyboardist, Organist, Composer, Arranger, Producer- These are just a few of the titles and faces of Rob Shuss. His creative ability to blend instrumental compositions is truly unique, impressive and a sheer joy to listen to.

 Robert Vernon Shuss Jr. was born in Pennsylvania and began entertaining professionally at the age of 12, playing the organ for Hotel "Sing Alongs". Rob began his piano study at the age 5 from his Grandmother Francis Thorp Shuss who had been a Professor of Music at The Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. While in college, he played piano and keyboards and arranged for numerous bands in PA and NY.
 Rob has served for over forty years as a Church Organist and has given Concerts on some of the greatest pipe organs across the country.

Today Rob spends much of his free time composing and arranging in his Audio-Visual Studio in Willoughby, OH.

Rob performs for a variety of events as a one-man-band keyboardist. He blends his vocal and keyboard stylings from the past to present based on the needs of the event. Using his keyboard (the Roland Va76 Arranger) and a microphone or two...Rob will provide an event made more memorable with the addition of live music - perfect for night clubs, restaurants, corporate events, private parties, grand openings, and anytime you need to liven things up!
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